Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Some tips for playing Empire and allies:

Empires and Allies is one of the most popular strategy games in the internet and social media world these days. It is popular among all types of people, kids, adults, women, men and people from all walks of life. Introduced by the famous game developer called Zynga, it is one of the most sophisticated computer strategy games in the world. It provides the users with a close to reality battle field scenario. Players get to choose their allies and make up alliances against their enemy of the evil. Playing this game is addictive and interesting. It can keep you hooked and glued to the laptop or computer for hours. In fact by using the game on smart devices, you can play it anywhere and everywhere you want. There is no limit to accessing the amazing features of this game. You can also enhance you winning capabilities by implementation of some Empire and allies cheats and tips to the game.
Some tips for winning:
Some of them have been described below:
·         Base camp and traps:
The base of the game is a puzzle like location that you have to build yourself to fight against your battling enemy. It should be strong and powerful. Defending it with various elements like watch towers, mines on the land, weaponry and traps is a good way to hinder the movement and advancement of the enemy.
·         Rally flagging:
If you have played this game, you must already know the concept of rally flags. Analyze the situation you are facing and keep on changing the rally flags that you using. Placement of commandoes for defending airstrikes is a good way to repel the attack of the enemies. 

·         Surprising the enemy:

In any real war as well, the element of surprise can make you win wars. Setting up of various types of traps and hurdles for the enemy can help you gain points and move up the XP level on the gaming board. When enemies are taken off guard, they often get confused and have more chances of losing the battle.

·         Designing a good Army:

Like any other warfare game in the strategy genre, designing and building a good and powerful team for your battle is very important. your army should have diversified strength. Users start their career with rangers and move up the level as they progress through various war successes Empires and allies cheats. Every soldier in the army has different types of strengths and weaknesses. You should have a good assessment about the enemy and then use the strengths of your forces in a productive and attacking way.

·         The Command Power:
The critical factor that helps to drive the game in your favor is to destroy as many enemy structures and elements as you can. This enables you to use your command powers effectively and efficiently in the battle field. It also helps in launching winning attacks on the enemy.
So the next time you play the game, just have a look at these tips or search for the Enemy and Allies cheats on the internet.

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